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May 2016 -Gloucester City Hall Recognized with Preservation Award
May 2014 -Wendall Kalsow recognized with Award by Preservation Mass
May 2014 -Concord's Town House undergoes Restoration
May 2014 -Northbridge Town Hall Recognized with 2014 MHC Award
May 2014 -First Parish Church in Dorchester recognized with Preservation Awards

McGINLEY KALSOW & ASSOCIATES, INC. is an award winning architectural and planning firm that specializes in the restoration and renovation of historic buildings and structures, compatible new additions and the planning and revitalization of historic areas.

Historic preservation enriches our architectural and cultural heritage by carefully preserving and restoring buildings, monuments and structures of historical significance in our cities and towns. Preservation contributes to the conservation of vibrant and culturally rich environments for future generations. Our philosophy, interpretation and approach to historic preservation is one that is faithful to the original architect’s design intent and is carefully developed with the client to meet current and future needs. We believe that by carefully preserving and restoring character defining features and creatively integrating modern systems and amenities, historic resources become vital and comfortable environments that enhance our productivity and quality of life.
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