McGinley Kalsow & Associtates
  West Hall, Tufts University

Medford, Massachusetts
2011 Paul E. Tsongas Preservation Award, Preservation Massachusetts
2007 International Excellence in Masonry Restoration Award, MCAA

West Hall, a focal point of the Medford campus, was constructed in 1872 in a "Ruskinian Gothic" style as a dormitory for students of Tufts University and the Divinity School.

Extensive exterior repair and restoration was undertaken under the direction of McGinley Kalsow & Associates. This work meticulously replicated the original polychromatic slate roof with its copper ridges, ridge cresting and decorative finials, true to the original design. The challenge of accurately replicating the original decorative roof was met by carefully counting slate courses and individual diamond slates on historic photographs. Selective replacement of severely deteriorated Nova Scotia sandstone was made to match the original. One hundred thirty years of exterior paint build-up was removed from the woodwork and the original paint color replicated.

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