McGinley Kalsow & Associtates
  Fort Trumbull State Park

New London,  CT
2001 New England, Illuminating Engineering Society Design Award

The May 1999 Fort Trumbull State Park Master Plan prepared by McGinley Kalsow & Associates was used to transform the major portion of the former U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) in New London into the new Fort Trumbull Heritage State Park. The Master Plan emphasized the historic character of this unique site that had been a water-oriented military center of national significance for over 225 years. The architectural / engineering design team, led by McGinley Kalsow & Associates, worked closely with numerous agencies involved with the project including: The CT Department of Public Works, the CT Department of Environmental Protection, the CT Historical Commission, the City of New London and the New London Development Corporation to design and execute the project in two phases.

The “Third System” fortifications, which incorporated Egyptian Revival features and were built between 1839 and 1852, were restored. The ramparts were restored and made fully accessible to provide a spectacular view of the New London Harbor for all visitors.  MKA designed a state of the arts Visitor Center with multimedia theaters, interactive exhibits, 3D models and extensive graphics. The late 19th Century batteries were restored and when missing, replicated. The 14-acre site was returned to its early military topography. The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection presently administers the park.

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