McGinley Kalsow & Associtates
  Gasson Hall Tower & Exterior Restoration,
Boston College

Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
2009 PCI National Design Award: Best School Project
2009 BAC Craft Award Best Restoration/Rehabilitation Project

Gasson Hall is the original and signature building of the Boston College campus, built in 1913 in the Gothic Revival style to the design of noted Boston architects Maginnis and Walsh. Boston College commissioned McGinley Kalsow & Associates to survey existing conditions. Every stone on the tower and the overall building was surveyed and evaluated. Findings concluded that most of the original cast stone was severely deteriorated, ranging from hairline cracks to complete unit failure.
McGinley Kalsow & Associates designed and implemented a multi-phased restoration program, with the initial phase focusing on restoring the masonry and roofs of the 175-foot landmark tower. In the spring of 2007, all of the spires were dismantled and completely reconstructed with new cast stone to exactly replicate the original spires. Elsewhere on the tower the deteriorated cast stone was removed and replaced with new cast stone and the original roofs were replaced. Critical to the restoration planning was Boston College’s need to maintain occupancy of the building and to conduct classes and programs in this critical campus center without any interruption. Exterior and interior restoration of the remainder of this historic building is scheduled for overall completion in August 2011.

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