McGinley Kalsow & Associtates
  Preservation Planning

McGINLEY KALSOW & ASSOCIATES provides preservation planning to public and private clients involved in projects that include historic buildings, sites, and areas that may be affected by a proposed development. We work closely with clients to evaluate and design projects that relate to and comply with historic preservation requirements at the local, state and federal levels. This includes the identification of historic resources, as well as previously unidentified resources from which to establish a solid environmental basis for the proposed design. Our involvement in the early stages of design adds creativity to the architectural design process by ensuring that design objectives reflect the historic context of the buildings and surrounding areas of the project. New design elements usually result from our preservation planning involvement with various architectural engineering and landscape members of a multi-disciplined design team. MKA helps projects achieve cost savings by avoiding environmental conflicts and encouraging the integration of existing components into the design that can be rehabilitated rather than replaced.
As preservation planners we have an outstanding performance record of assisting clients by interacting closely and communicating clearly with their building committees. Collaboration and coordination is conducted with the local historical commission and the Massachusetts Historical Commission. Our depth of knowledge in all aspects of historic preservation laws and regulations pertaining to historic structures, districts and areas facilitates the successful coordination with review agencies and boards. The success of our practice is evidenced by the extensive design awards that our projects have received over the past fifteen years from public agencies and preservation groups throughout the Northeast.

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