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  Gasson Hall, BC Recognized with Multiple Design Awards

June 2012: Gasson Hall, the 1913 original and signature building of the Boston College campus, has been recognized with multiple awards. The Society for College & University Planning (SCUP) in association with the AIA awarded Gasson Hall project the Excellence in Architecture Award. The project will be recognized at a ceremony during the SCUP convention in Chicago on July 9, 2012. The Illuminating Society of North America also recognized Gasson Hall with a Regional Design Award and the Paul Waterbury Award for Outdoor lighting by the Boston/RI IESNA section. The awards were presented at a special ceremony in Boston Copley Plaza Hotel in May 2012.

Gasson Hall is one of the largest cast stone restoration project undertaken for a historic building in North America. Phase I focused on restoring the deteriorated cast stone in the 175 feet tower by replicating the appearance of the original cast stone details and improving the long-term durability of the masonry construction. Over 3,000 units of cast stone were replaced in the tower due to the deteriorated state. Phase II focused on exterior, interior restoration and accessibility improvements of the remainder of the building. Originally only one of its entrances was fully accessible. Subtle but important design changes were undertaken so that full accessibility could be achieved to four of the entrances without detracting from the historic gothic facades. The Thomas Murphy designed "St. Patrick and King Laoghaire window was restored in the Irish Hall and state of the art sprinkler systems were installed throughout the building. Although the restoration of Gasson Hall was undertaken because of material performance issues, careful focus on restoring the building to its original appearance has resulted in a dramatic change in its appearance, where it again proudly serves as the symbol of the college. McGinley Kalsow & Associates led the design team that worked on the restoration. Ripman Lighting designed the illumination.

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