McGinley Kalsow & Associtates
  Architecture & Historic Preservation

McGINLEY KALSOW & ASSOCIATES has a distinctive career of successfully restoring and renovating historic buildings that are within Historic Districts or listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Our experience has grown from our background in sensitively renovating historic buildings and adaptively reusing existing buildings for contemporary uses in a compatible manner. We have in-house experts in the fields of structures, materials, finishes, systems, period construction and design to ensure accurate and high quality renovations and sensitive alterations and additions. Our design and feasibility studies have been used as the basis for building stabilization and repair, funding, programming, long term planning, renovation and adaptive use.

Every project begins with a thorough inspection and assessment of the historic building in order to understand not only the building’s physical condition, but also its character defining features. Researching the building’s history helps uncover a series of changes and gives insight into the original architect’s design intent. Only with this background and with a clear understanding of the client’s current and future needs can creative and cost effective projects be developed. Technical expertise, clear documents and good communication skills helps to bring these ideas to the reality of a project that is completed on time and within the budget. Character defining features are carefully restored while modern systems and amenities are creatively integrated into the buildings. Our projects have received numerous historic preservation awards from local and state organizations.

In all of our work, we adhere closely to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. This ensures that the proposed design solution will receive expeditious approval from pertinent historical review agencies and will elicit strong support for fund-raising and community approval. In addition to historic restoration and renovation our services include historical consultation, historic structures reports, surveys and studies.

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